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Accessories Hafner Valves with Namur interface for nonstandard Actuator Control.

Categories within Accessories

Flow Control
Different possibilities to regulate the forward and backward stroke of an actuator.

Gear Box Valve Assistance
When failure occurs, compressed air might get trapped in the actuator. Manual operation might damage the actuator, so this valve assure the operator does not have to close the process valve against the force of the trapped air.

Knife Gate combination set
A standard Namur valve is assembled onto the flange plate which is then assembled onto the cylinder by two banjo screws. The cylinder is actuated through the valve ports 2 and 4 which are fed to the cylinder ports through the drilling in the plate.

Mounting Plates
Variety of adaptor plates and spare part kits.

Positioner Override Lever Valve
In its rest position this lever valve is set in the mid position and the actuator is piloted by the positioner. The pilot signal from the positioner passes through the lever valve to the actuator. In the event of a positioner malfunction the lever v...

Quick Exhaust Valve
Designed for fast closing of a spring return actuator with Namur 1 interface. Any 3/2 valve can be used as a pilot valve.